I wish to comment here; since I have lived this feeling of being unseen ….in the precise moment I was diagnosed burnout by my doctor, and my doctor told me “what the hell is happening in your workplace, you are the tenth case in one year”(2015 and it is a small village), the same week there was a meeting going on with occupational medicine and management; my manager knew about my conditions and trusted me; despite of many other burnout cases in the different departements, the director was showing off statistiques with zero cases in his sheets. Why that? First, if you are home nobody sees you, at work, this is as simple as that. They can’t just GUESS where you are and HOW you are. Second, confidentiality is a major factor here. Occupational doctors cannot give away their data to anybody. They can alert but with no data on the table. This was my case. I was exhausted. But I could not efford a long sick leave, it scared me. Home alone. Go away. Workplace was what helped me carrying on. That’s why I managed to go back to work as sooner as possible. I went back gradually. I read my rights at work law. I asked my doctor what I had to do. And I did. I wanted to be PRESENT at workplace to watch out others and see what I could do to spread AWARENESS at work. I eventually became a guardian for my colleagues. We had very high level stress and I lost three collegues for aneurism and heart attack, they were young. It was stress. Sorry for this post, but I understand that in military is same. They simply don’t see you. If you are not strong enough you are DONE. and this is what happened in last years. I was strong enough to will to survive. And I found WONDERFUL persons who wanted to help me in a selfless way. I bless them everyday. Make that call x

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