From Shock to awe.

The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival: BEST DOCUMENTARY From Shock To Awe (2017, USA/Canada) – East Coast Premiere. From Shock to Awe captures the Mangurama Award for Conscious Documentary Storytelling at Illuminate Film Festival. The Mangurama Award goes to the most transformative non-fiction film that exhibits a strong story arc, compelling subjects, and high production value.

So, what about Second Chances?

My tale about PTSD and my recovery journey in Paris aftermath, from an expat point of view is on the way. More than self-help, it’s a memoir with breathing techniques and mindfulness exposed. I am collaborating with artists and comics will do their part to spice up a little bit all the darkness, right? I swear, you will be amazed and marvelled of how far my imagination could go to share my vision.

What’s more, large part is also dedicated to Native American Culture and my amazing encounters with Blood/Blackfoot Tribe and my unconditional devotion goes to inspiring models Combat Veterans beyond any borders.

Keep well stay safe. Contact :