Black Lives Matter

Human beings should not have to fight to prove they are human beings

I see what is your view point but I have slightly changed mine since my struggle with PTSD. Human beings HAVE to prove they are human by accepting their vulnerability and need for social connection. We are all one. Communities black or white, chinese or whatever, have a long tradition of doing their own thing. It’s rare that we share values. So, from an innovative perspective I state that when humans accept to be not “alone” on this Earth they are acting just and fair. Greed and jealousy have no color. We are all guilty until we marry our deep virtues and will to do well. Blessings you gave me quite an inspirational post x

Defining Yellow

There is no perfect way to put into words Americas inhumane, horrifying, and heartbreaking current events. Regardless, I hope you will still read what I have to say. Along with everyone else, my head hurts, my heart hurts, and I’m scared. I am also angry, however my intent is to speak with love as I believe that is how others will be most willing to listen.

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