he-hey, any freelance editors there?

So, what about Second Chances?

My book about PTSD and my healing and fighting journey from Paris kamikaze attacks to My French lock down, from a foreigner point of view, is actually done in Italian language. Since Italian Publishers don’t know me, and perhaps I am still fresh and Naïve as writer, they are just ignoring me.

Now, I don’t have any choice than giving a try in English uh uh ! Will an International Public be more attracted to Mental Health topics on a proactive approach than my Cappuccino Companions?

Large part is dedicated to Native American Culture and my unconditional devotion goes to inspiring models among Combat Veterans beyond any borders.

If any publishers or freelance editors wish to make part of this change and start to transform society into a more Empathic place to live one with each other, I am DOWN.

You can contact me to antonella.barberini@gmail.com or eventually texting via WhatsApp 0033 6 Keep well stay safe.