Stay-Home Artventure #2

Today I feel Lucky. Bonjour Singapore…… may I share your Artventure? from Paris with love xx

Under Reconstruction

Prompt: Me as a 50-year-old

This was an interesting one. For some (like myself), 50 is decades into the future, while for some of my friends this would be in retrospect. Either way, here’s to traveling light! Not because nothing matters, but because we know what matters.

Next prompt: Me as a superhero

The “Stay-Home Artventure Passport” was originally created for my students here in Singapore. I’ve since adapted it for everyone else who’d like a daily creative (and surprisingly introspective) getaway, so you’re most welcome to join in!

If you’d like a soft copy of the “passport” itself, leave your email address in the comments and I’ll send it to you for free. 

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