Step Up Your Meditation Game

If you’re new to meditation, try this. Close your eyes for two minutes and only focus on your breathing. Six-seconds in through the nose, and a six-second release through the mouth. Complete 10 repetitions and you’ve already meditated for two minutes. Meditation will change your day, your outlook and how you feel being isolated.

A Lousy Day For Your Ego Is A Glorious Day For Your Soul

This isolation period has made me step up my meditation game and I am grateful.

When everything else fails, this simple daily act of mindfulness becomes my only relief and places me back firmly on the road to happiness.

In the past month we have witnessed our governments change the coronavirus status from an epidemic to a pandemic. For many, including myself, the realization that laughter and happiness were being replaced by fear and a general uneasiness was creating a feeling far too familiar. I began to recognize tension in my thighs & legs, and neck & jaw wouldn’t release. Even my recovery time after daily cycling rides was depleting, causing dizziness & fatigue which came without warning.

Fortunately, the cure was already something I had in abundant supply. I knew my morning ceremonial daily dose of meditation wasn’t enough anymore. I needed to add more sessions into my daily…

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