My French Lock Down: Greetings.

Chers Amies, Chers Amis,

A beautiful Sunny day in Férrières-en-Brie, today, I spent a quarter of salary for my food supply and still feel like I Don’t have ENOUGH!

My pc just broke up; happy Birthday. It was time to pass to next speed.

My family is well; I could go out for a walk in nature with a neighbour and …tout va bien.

Today I took time to read half book from Viktor Frankl, he was a doctor (psychotherapist and neurologist), who survived Auschwitz and Dachau camps in 1945.

His tales from German Camps made me feel LUCKY to live these times. Yes.

After a few days of chaos, and shock, I am eager to take my writing and allez jusqu’au but.

Take care and live in the Present Moment.

Now it’s Time.