Loving an Emotionally Wounded Warrior

Excellent! “A bruised soul and a pure heart go hand in hand. If you ever encounter this being; cherish them, heal them and never leave them.” ~ Mahrukh

Alex Myles

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”
― David Richo

Loving a complex, wounded warrior takes immense strength and an extraordinary amount of faith and courage.

To pour love into a shell that is cracked, and badly splintered from the stormy thundering hell of past trauma, is testing beyond any soul-connection you will have known before.

When someone has buried years of raw pain and heartache, they aren’t going to let your infinite, unlimited love flow freely, in, and around without putting up a defensive, hardened fight.

They will push you to the edge of all of your extremes and tear down any tall boundaries you have tried to erect, but you will carry on loving relentlessly, hoping that eventually your subtle heat will thaw out their punctured, ice-cold heart

This delicate warrior that you share affinity with really doesn’t want to be caged, chained to history, guarded…

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