Shame & Trauma.


    1. Antonella Barberini

      Hey, pleased to find your comment, dear. Yes, I am also analysing shame deeply; in my opinion, it’s one of main key points on suicidal, or numbing process of addiction. understanding shame requires a good dose of self reflection, and not judgemental. if you want to see into it, you need to take your breath and dive deep with no fear. what you might find at the bottom it can be you, girl, or boy, scared and crying. Healing process starts when you hug your self, girl, or boy, and take one decision : to make your own Good no matter what. This is what I did. of course, you need trustable allies and true healers that want your own Good, too. I ve been lucky. But I also persevered. We are not natural born stronger lol BTW I found a book on genetic trauma, It didn’t start with you Mark Wolynn Worth giving a look out xx

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