Hypervigilance and PTSD.

Been there, in my case it was a persistent alertness, like a superpower (I could smell danger from very far), and fight or flight self -defense mode. BTW I have been anticipating couple of fights in the street, called police and allowed to someone to get rescued. My best souvenir is linked to anxiety disorder, following my PTSD due to terror attacks and false reports, I developed a sense of self protection. If I felt someone dealing with me was not in good intentions ( like my RH who suggested me to leave the job and get fired ) I suddenly noticed from my body reactions. Tachycardia, legs tremors, nerves… I loved this feeling ”from now on I will choose only the good and best options for me. No matter what.”

Of course Mindfulness was not the only cure, but together with Yoga and some plants help as natural sedatives. And then, time and confidence.