Please, don’t Tell Mommie Dear.

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This is quite a controversial topic for me, I still need to figure out who was the less Narcissistic in my close family. Don’t keep it long, here, can’t even cope with writing on it. So, I let you explore this matter with this lovely lady.

The last time she was putting on some weight, she looked at me and said that she was jealous. She actually is 73. Another time I offered to her my help, she said that I was a governor. She is a very controlling person. Well, I regret two things, in life, first, not being capable to leave home for longer earlier, and second, telling too much about my life hence giving her too much power. Apart from that she was the best mommy ever, and for sure, I love her. And miss our laughter …. which, to be honest, occur only when I am in the mood, and its ME provoking it…… when I am down, it’s better if I keep it for my Self.

Ciao, Mamma. You did your Best with what you had.

Your Daughter xx