Using Art to Heal My Eating Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression

Bonjour Auntybeast, thank you for liking my post. Well, I read your last article about your struggling with eating disorders, and I am posting a postcast which I’ ve just recorded addressed to you, personally. Of course, I hope it will be inspiring for you and other people like us who are dealing with identity and self love. Take care. Antonella ps. you will find my pod on the Youtube Channel as “Self Care : No Pain No Gain, Aunty Beast” 😉

Auntie Beast's Notebook

There is real power in art making and being creative. In using your creative faculties you can get in touch with your intuition and your gut and find a respite away from the everyday demands of life, a respite where you are free to be your true self. Art can be used to explore your innermost feelings and your brokenness and anger, your joy, grief, successes and failures. Art Therapy has been used to help people heal from emotional illnesses and traumas and can be a powerful tool for growth and recovery.

So, I have decided I am going to try to use art to heal from my eating disorder, anxiety, and depression from a life of accumulate trauma and illness. I hope I can find some peace and learn to soothe myself through creating things. I hope to find a tribe to join me in healing through art.


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