Moon River and That kind of Mood.

Getting ready for your Valentine? Well, by your great surprise, I don’t have ANY: ) Want to be my Valentine? lol

My last almost-serious Relationship is dated 2015. All I know is that french men are not my cup of tea and I kinda of intimidate them.

 If you have gone PTSD, or chronic stress disorders, and you recovered succesfully, you know exactly what you need to get well and feel at ease within Yourself.

and I don’t even have a cat…

To any Valentine who is a lonely wolf like me I wish you a kind week of Self Care, Chocolate and Sparkling Wine (Italian more than French, please).  This is my former Favourite Romantic Song of all times and when I feel deeply relaxed I sing it, peacefully, while baking or cooking some meal Just for Me.

Enjoy your Me Time, until it’s Too Late lol