Talk Therapy is not for Wimpy.

Talking takes courage, to talk is to express feelings, and give information about your self. If you listen to jobmates, or camerades, the first who need a therapist are the ones to hide them selves behind “I’m fine”, “I can manage”, “Therapy is for Insane”. Maybe I am the last person in the room who can talk to a VA, but this artwork and podcast are my Personal Campaign to prevent Suicide following a friend’s loss.

In my class of Sophrology Therapy, in Paris, they taught me that as therapists, we have to adapt to our counterpart. In respect of ladies, I keep it classy. BTW my social campaign is referred to the cultural habit that young men, usually, initiate them selves with seeing “women” to become a Man. As a matter of fact, soldiers use/d to comfort them selves with whores (before online dating). It’s not taboo. It’s mannish. The same bravery would be a sign of maturity, and a first step to personal growth if the same men could reach out for prepared therapists, or a counsellour. Talking can save lives. Good luck!

My hope is that you can heal your Warrior Wounds, so that you can share your wisdom as Wounded Healers in this weird and alienated society.

You are mostly needed.

If you were offended by this video, in any sort, I apologize and invite you to contact me to my email address