Sensitive and in love. Première livestream in the world.

Dear HSP’s, great news! Elaine Aron has arranged it that people all over the world can livestream the première of Sensitive and in love on wednesday jan 29, 7pm EST. If you can’t make it then, you can watch it anytime, as often as you want, until Feb 5. The cost for the livestream (an expensive undertaking) is 19.99. for purchase tickets.

Elaine Aron will be there, in the Directors Guild of AMerica Theater in New York CIty, with the opening fun, the film itself (2hours) and a lively discussion right after,  with two of the film’s stars, my husband and I, and our beloved director, Will Harper, and charming producer, Diana Sinelnikova. So we’ll see each other, or you will see me very soon. Elaine.