How to deal with Guilt & Shame in 7 Steps.

Open your Heart, heal your Past and live with Purpose.

Cristina tells her story with her father, and she reminds me so much of when I left home at 8 years at dinner time, on skate rollers. Yes. Well, I was so angry with my daddy cos he was nervous all the time and my character couldn’t simply bare him anymore.

The time to leave home was not come yet, but I know the feeling of guilt related to family, which still hunts me sometimes, cos I left my parents getting old at home. Well, I chose my personal growth and emotional steadyness.

On the opposite, it took me ten Years abroad to heal shame feelings linked to the way I have been parented, despite I have forgiven and accepted my mother and my father (they say we choose our parents before incarnating). Shame was very much connected to the way they made me feel for the person (My True Self) I am proud to be today.

It’s a healng process that we all have to go through if we want to trascend our story and change our future and our presence in the world.

We can do it xx