Dreaming a yellow Butterfly lending?

This photo was taken in France -Comté.

What is Spiritual meaning of butterfly landing on you?

The butterfly is also a symbol of faith. It teaches us to keep our faith as we undergo transitions in our lives. The butterfly teaches us that once we are free of the pains and the suffering of change, we will come out stronger and finally receive what we deserved. 

Often, when changes come to our lives in the form of pain and suffering, or changes that we don’t like to occur, we often become angry and frustrated. We tend to question why the things happen to us, and why the world is punishing us. But in reality, we are only being molded into the person we should be, so we can receive greater things that are coming our way. 

To receive more luck and fortune into our lives, we have to do away with old habits that are preventing us from growth. But growth demands change and we must first embrace it before we become truly blessed. 

The deepest symbolic lesson we can derive from butterflies is to accept the changes that occur, unquestionably embrace them, and have faith that in the end, we will have our redemption and the life that we truly deserved. 

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