Coping with Pastels and Kisses.

My Artwork is online Here and Now.

Thomas Moore, the american psychologist, says that Recovery goes through awakening your Senses; hence I took it literally.

Hand-Made with Love.

My Etsy Shop is active here and all artworks ( for a start ) are ready for shipping; if you wish to buy Something, please, contact me, we will find a special arrangement. Please, notice that I am not a Professional of art market and I express myself as hobby (scrapbooking and vintage touch are forever) and now more than ever, as propaganda for my activity linked to PTSD and Mental Health Awareness. Art and crafts have been a great company in harsh times, and still are to win boredom and solitude. My keyword for 2020 is Passion, yes Sir, and I have a guess that you might like it to resume up this “Made with love Art Gallery”. ** Enjoy **

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web editor, artist and author

Thomas Moore audible books are full of insight and you can find “Gifts of a dark night” here.

The book which gave me a life-changing and inspiring perspective on what the hell was going on in my head and my life. No matter which religion or belief.

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