"Talk to inner child": my Podcast to Aussie.

Courage, les Kiwis.

Lay back and Relax?

As author of PTSD Beautiful Trauma, my first book (self-published in Italian edition) and website, my focus is rising awareness on panic attacks, chronic stress and social anxiety in the aftermath of terror attacks and catastrophic events.

2010 : the icelandic Volcan.

As hotel assistant, in first tourist destination in Europe, I have been through Icelandic volcanic eruption, Eyjafjallajokull, in april 2010, which costed 1 billion to aircraft industry, and panic to families who was stuck in Paris who felt lost and abandoned.

2015: the terror attacks in Paris.

Ultimately, I have also survived a fake alert at workplace in january 2015 and november terror attacks which had an impact in my job career and personal relationships. Today I am sending to Australia my deep vows of **Good Luck and Happy Resilience** and may your firestorm light up what we can change as global community and burn any of hatred feelings and thoughts coming from Ego’s wasted land. May you rise like a Phoenix, Aussie, and embrace your call to a blissful Journey, your Mythic Rebirth from the ashes and empower the rest of this standing world who has to choose once more between **fear and love**.

Also proud member since 30 years and new agent for International Pen Friends Association based in Paynesville, Victoria, Australia. My deepest feelings of Empathy and Compassion go to my sisterhood and brotherhood over the beautiful Australian Continent.

Use your Voice and Sparkle your Imagination for global inner Peace.

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