WWIII? It’s a distraction. Focus on Inner Peace and know Who you really are.

Orwell, 1984. Remember?

Neale Donald Walsh says, “What is needed is not a change of circumstance but a change in consciousness”  .

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For what I am concerned, since I have been living “my” private WWIII, in 2015, or a taste of it, in Paris, well, I completely agree with Ralph and I will keep staying focused on Positivity and my Inner Peace. Therefore, I suggest you to have a look to my Mindfulness pages and soon my You Tube Channel guided meditations for enhancing a good sleep.

Oh, I am telling you this, in my fifth anniversary from the fake alert right after the Charlie Hebdo event, which was in fact a terror attack in my mind, since I was fully brainwashed by media and You Tube videos of previous days. My mind was totally focused on fear and I was expecting something to happen at workplace (american company in Paris), and in fact, it did.

Except, that it was a fake alert, which costed three months of jail for the person shouting from the window of the hotel : “I am a terrorist and you will explode with me”. Three thousands people in the area with many children. Special forces were involved and 300 policemen + firefighters.

It was where all the story of my PTSD started.

Can I get a hello, Ralph?

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Web Editor, Dreamer and Author