Dynamic Meditation/Sophrology.

PTSD Beautiful Trauma

The new Neuroscience is Mindfulness oriented.

Paris, november 2019.

It all started with… Rehab for War Veterans.

It all started with neuro-psychiatristProfessor Alfonso Caycedo, who was studying medicine in Spain after the Civil War and was looking for a way to rehabilitate traumatised war victims with minimal drug use. Sophrology was the term he gave the method he was creating, back in 1960 – it stems from Greek, meaning ‘the science of the consciousness in harmony’. Caycedo then travelling in the East, studying yoga, zen and Buddhism, to find practices that effectively produced the results he was after – inner peace and focus. He then blended these with his Western knowledge of science and psychology. Nowadays, Sophrology is used in many Swiss hospitals to prepare patients for surgical interventions, EMR scans and stress-free childbirth, and is taught in schools and universities in France and Switzerland.

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