I Am Me

bonjour I guess you incarnate the perfect model of the new year”s energy: thank you for sharing your Art so beautifully. Connect more, share more, reblog more….

Diary of an Aesthete

…and that’s my promise to the world ~ to keep it that way.

As time goes on, I find the same thoughts and feelings coming back to me, sentiments that I have had from the very beginning. Strangely enough, right now as we approach the end of 2018, I feel very similar to how I felt at the beginning of 2015 – when my journey really became global the first time and I packed up a single bag and headed to India on a one-way ticket, alone, with no-one to meet me the other side, and not a clue as to what I would find… 2015, 16 and 17 were incredible years of travel, and I saw so much in so little time, made so many fantasies a reality, and truly gave my dreams little wings of their own.

Still, I am moreoreless precisely the same person I was when…

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