Eric Baret: You cannot Be Present.

A few years ago, I attended a few conferences with my (ex for a reason) boyfriend who was following Jean Klein, spiritual teacher, from Kashmir Shivaism. He wasn’t hippie, and he left masonry after many years, because they taught him that in order to get higher knowledge, they said, you need them to transcend and get in touch with Divine. Oh, well, he was a Truth seeker, so he tried to take different Paths. Eric Baret was a kind of encounter of third kind. He started his conference with closed eyes and without any intro. He asked simply if there were any questions. As all the people knew him cos of his books the conversation started easily. Many of the questions dealt with Afterlife. It was funny to see how minds can be easily manipulated when nobody has got the truth in their hands. But I appreciated his way to let it open to your imagination.