Panic attacks

Story Time.

In 2016, 6 months later my “fake alert”, in july, I had the first Panic Attack of my life.

I was terrified, thought gonna die or loose my sanity. I was at work, and suddenly it happened. My mind lost control on my body. Or today, I would say that my body took control on my mind, in order to communicate.

At that season, I was angry, frustrated and stressed out, perhaps depressed, apathic, and I couldn’ t relate to my inner wisdom. There wasn’t any.

My soul launched me an alert to say “hello, nobody’s home?”.

One way to cope with it was starting with practice of mindfulness and of course, changing my job. Easier to say that to do it.

First, cos I loved my job, and had a real passion for contact with public. And second, cos what else could I do, after 8 years of hotel reception and 25 years of contact with public?


Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
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Symptoms of Panic Attacks.

Symptoms of Panic Attacks Common symptoms of panic attacks include:

Racing heart

Heart palpitations

Chest pain or discomfort 

Difficulty breathing

Vision problems





Numbness or tingling, usually of hands or face


Feeling like you are going to die

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