One step back forward. How meditation changed my life?

Ok, Readers, let’s take four years ago. 01/01/2016? My schedules were crap, exhausting, I couldn’t really say “no”, or “go away”; I was the one in a team who sacrificed and was there while others enjoyed their time with family, friends or boyfriend. My life was really work centered. When I went back home, I hadn’t any motivation to do anything except sleep and perhaps not waking up forever. But I continued to fail my sleep, relationships and didn’t take any time to focus on my real needs and what I really wanted to do in my life. What happened from then?

How could ten minutes of meditation change my life? Going to mindfulness and yoga practice was what really made a difference to me. Of course, inner life passed by surrendering to the flow … call it God, Universe or Cosmic Consciousness. My insight is we don(t have to ask what life shall bring us or what we can put in a bucket list, but on the reverse what we can do for life in order to accomplish our Self-realization. Today, I didn’t expect to be where I am, but perhaps there is no place to go cos I am already where I should be in order to do that. I am in the right place, at the right moment to do what I am here for. And I will keep it up. I might record my voice soon with a new microphone, and give a try to Tibetan bells music, which I suggest you here, from an Italian named Iuri Ricci. He autorised me to use his bells music for my guided meditations, except You Tube might block me. Never mind, I will try to claim that I have the right to use them. What you think about it? Worth giving it a try? Are you with me? Let’s go.