Xmas Eve gone, back to your marks with Elite Sport and Coaches.

Happy New Year!

My new Sunday podcast on 12/29/2019.

Workout is part of my daily routine, oh well, when I need to burn some fat, of course. Hence Xmas holidays are gone, and I go back to it.

My next artwork inspiration goes to ballet and will try my pastels as Degas taking models from real life.



They are from California, and a lovely couple in real life. She had a baby last year, and still getting fit and sharing her passion for sport with her husband.

I like them cos they are “like me” and not superstar or obsessive compulsive in getting fit. Despite that, they are very effective if you follow regularly and kick your ass for good. Bless you guys !! You made a difference to me and my abds in my afterwork and always keeping a smile on your face. Check:)


Voici my best yoga teacher of the year:) Michelle made a difference to my core and emotional balance in past 5 years.

Getting healthier means eating well (oh, what’s that? good question for another time), doing exercise and training on regularly bases. And with You Tube, you can do when you like and how long you prefer. And for free.

Ain’t it a great invention? Now, it’s up to you. I like it cos she is doing seasonal videos and also some positive affirmations plus putting intention at each class.

Well done, Michelle! I’ll keep it up in 2020. Perhaps less fashionable in my “pijama yoga suit”, but that’s okay.