After Karl’s Xmas greetings and grand news for 2020, I like to reblog his Poetry Page. My first Etoile is ambassadeur and the Poet in residence for the Soldiers Arts Academy.

PTSD Beautiful Trauma

Karl Tearney: Second Life.

When I left a message in a forum for army penpals, on PTSD healing topic (on Remembrance Day uh! ), Karl, ex UK Army Air Corps, kindly replied to me :

“I found that doing something creative helps me. I write poetry and have a few hobbies but it’s important it’s something you can do alone and quietly.”

Here in the UK as an example the care for mental health differs from county to county. Before coming to Wiltshire I was under the care of Hampshire, who were remarkable. Now I live in Wiltshire where the only way to gain any support is after an unsuccessful suicide attempt”.

Karl Tearney is my proud Etoile.

A wonderful start to the New Year, as I was asked to be the Poet in residence, for the Soldiers Arts Academy. I will be running…

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