The Awareness Games.

Psychology for Beginners. All handmade art work is from the author of this website.

This slide show how we are used to react to life challenges in same pattern, due to imprinting parenting. And as you can see, the drawing shows closed spirals like negative thinking spirals, sometimes, when we can’t do any better. And the fact to ‘flood your guilt’ means to trasnform those negative spirals in open waves flooding away that sense of guilt which is eating you up by taking the responsability of your choices and second, taking actions to amend to your sense of guilt. Why did you choose to move to another Country? why did you choose to volunteer for that mission? why did you choose to marry or to divorce?

In everyday life we have a tendency to blame others or our parents for our behaviours. It’s not us, it’s our father who was so and so, and we can’t look at our selves until someone tell us: “Hey, what do you want to do?” Then know that there is a fee to pay for, there is always a fee. Also, or especially, for your dreams to come true. Getting healthy asks for a fee, like starting to say NO or STOP IT, even to your Self, first. You are your worse enemy.

Perhaps it was your aunt, or your mother. Or your brother. Okay, then, is that still so important who influenced you that negatively that much? isn’t it this the right time to move forward? do you want keep on reacting like a 4 year old boy or girl?



Antonella Barberini
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