A New Year is a Curse or a new Life Purpose.

Time for good « resolutions ».

Mine? • Accomplish my Mission statement ( check homepage, my Crew ). • Congratulate my self for what I accomplished in 2019 ( that long term job to give me a breath yeah ). • Keep loving and believing in my self as I have learnt ( self care, self worth and self awareness ) • Finish the projects I have started up ( the Awareness Games and the self help book ) • Finding my soul mate and joke for the same silly jokes… • Spread sparkles of Inspiration and Positive thoughts all around and no matter the distance • Forgive my family and friends for not being there when I mostly needed, oh well, did I do ANY better? • Forgive my Self for being lesser than I was meant to. Will do better. That’s easy lol • Give a happy woman to this Story. What about yours?

Antonella Barberini