Portraits of Soldiers Before and After War. We are the not dead.

This article was “where it all began”. Not only you can see how trauma transformed their faces, but also, their rite passage from Young men to men; from hell and back. Photographer Lalage Snow, who is currently based in Kabul, Afghanistan, embarked on an 8-month-long project titled We Are The Not Dead featuring portraits of British soldiers before, during, and after their deployment in Afghanistan. Similar to Claire Felicie’s series of monochromatic triptychs, Snow captures the innocent expressions of these men transformed into gaunt, sullen faces in less than a year. The three-panel juxtaposition allows the viewer to observe the physical … Continue reading Portraits of Soldiers Before and After War. We are the not dead.

Dolores O'Riordan struggle with burn out/break down. Died age 46.

The Cranberries star Dolores O’Riordan has previously opened up about her battles with depression and the breakdown of the band. The Irish star has ‘died suddenly’ at the age of just 46, according to reports. But she overcame a lot during her life, including battles with depression. Dolores went through a tough time after the deaths of her father and mother-in-law. She once said: “There have been times when I’ve struggled. The death of my father and mother-in-law was very hard. Looking back, I think depression, whatever the cause, is one of the worst things to go through. Then again, … Continue reading Dolores O'Riordan struggle with burn out/break down. Died age 46.

Dark Room.

What is a Trauma? When you live traumatic events you get stuck with obsessive images that you don’t even realize in the present moment. They will hunt you in the subconscious mind for months, and maybe more. Especially, if you decide to choose denial and you don’t event talk about it. Guess a part of our mind would better prefer to hide somewhere on a false paradise than reality ( but then again, what is reality? If not a very unique and individual perception ). If I would make a film on 10th January 2015, 10h40 am, I would be … Continue reading Dark Room.

Renée plays **Judy**.

She is talented, she is breathtaking and she has been harrassed for years, from 16 to 20, right at the time of “Wizard of Oz”, as told in rumors of the Hollywood star system. Today Renée Zellweger plays one of her best life performances and offers to public the charme of this full of passion and warmest voices ever, Judy Garland. Somewhere over the rainbow. By  Michael S. Rosenwald The Washington Post Nearly two decades ago, while researching a book about Judy Garland, biographer Gerald Clarke stumbled on an old gossip column noting that his subject was working on a … Continue reading Renée plays **Judy**.