thank you for your like, darling, great job 😉
I assume this can be one of best books I have ever read, all life, and those charachters are still “walking” with me everyday …. when you feel empathy for those boys, they stay with you, and you keep living your life for them, too. any piece of bread, and warm shower feels different. and takes a new, deeper sense. take care xx

Other Side

The life of the one soldier in the trench during the World War I by Erich Maria Remarque.

During the history lesson I stayed amazed when our teacher started to talk about the conditions solders had during the World War I. Let´s be honest, I had few knowledge about it. As the lesson went on, I felt I have to read more to at least imagine some of that.

All Quiet on the West Front is the first recomendation I got and those characters are unforgetable.


A young boy named Paul Bäumer founds himself in the treches at the border of Germany and France. He must fight for Germany, his friends and his own life. The author doesn ´t make any conclussions, he just describes the situation as it is and that´s what makes this book so strong, unbelievable and outrageous. The characters are described simply, but deeply.


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