Federica Pellegrini. More than water.

Hey To let you know that I have started with swimming this week, and I am willing to continue with doing such a sport twice a week. My goals: strenghten my back, open my shoulders, and relaxing my mind. Also, if I can hypnotise that cutie guy as much as he did with his death stare, I win it all !!! This is my role model. First, we are Women, ladies. Don’t ever forget it. Cheers xx Continue reading Federica Pellegrini. More than water.

Being a “Gifted” Person. What a pressure?

Today I got this article in my mails, and I am glad to share the message this lady puts in her story. First, I never felt gifted for anything, except my writing skills, and yes, I have always wondered if writing books or articles could be a way for me to get to Success. In 2005 and 2006 I was asked to write articles on a local magazine, and it was just amazing, to finally express my point of view on topics I could choose around “identity”. My editor wanted me to put my wit and sense of humour in … Continue reading Being a “Gifted” Person. What a pressure?