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an expulsive cataclysm of the soul

It’s warm, it’s sweating and this is ideal time to do some yoga poses, perhaps also try a new way of breathing and techniques for deep relaxation 🙂 35 ° here in Parisian suburbs. Take care and do yoga. xx       Advertisements

Poetry Collection | Whispers in the Dark

15 Jul 2018

good job Beau I will take my time to read your poetries later today … perhaps while France is playing her match lol have a great day


My previous nine posts have been a collection of poetry and prose focused on mental health called Whispers In The Dark. The feedback and outpouring of support from the community here have been nothing short of inspiring. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and addiction are all incredibly tough foes that many of us face on a daily basis. Suffering doesn’t have to be something we go through alone, and it certainly doesn’t have to happen in silence.

I use my writing as an outlet for dealing with the loss I’ve had in my life, and how it’s affected every facet of living. Putting words to some of the darkest feelings I’ve ever had helps me to cope, and allows me to face those issues head on. I spent the last two days searching for photos that I thought would visually accompany this collection best; I believe I’ve found those pictures. Feel…

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“Akhila, if there is one virtue I have, it is immunity to what people think of me. Naturally this makes them dislike me even more. People don’t like to think that their opinion of someone means nothing to that person. And when it is a woman . . . the thought is intolerable. But like …

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