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Well, I was watching these cutie girls having fun and changing their eye color; I have been always tempted to put some in the bright colors I would have loved to have naturally mine.

But then I have something that keeps me from doing it. Eye color to me is like my Personality. Sure, I like to play with make up, but still very natural, and the less is more concept really suits me.

What do you think? Would you put another eye color for everyday life or just one shot?

This video reassured me alittle. The fact is that I am a single lady and of course, I wonder if I could do something to attract that special one but if this happened because of a fake plastic eye color it would really disappoint me.

I am not the kind of wow girl, despite aries like to get the attention even though they are shy like me. Yes, I like to strike sometimes. But, in normal life, nope, I stick into my very own and personal kind of brown and that’s all for now.

The girl I was watching on the video is black, she is wearing fake hair, fake nails and fake colored eye contact lenses. Quite enough for me to say “You are not loving your Self enough”.

Are you?


6 thoughts on “Do you like the color of your eyes enough?

  1. Changing eye colour is like changing identity.
    Even though i don’t really care about what people might want to do with their body.
    The thought of changing mine makes me uncomfortable.

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    1. guess they say that they are approving a surgery operation which destroy melanine; ok, we already do that to our hair, and it’s no good, but hair grows…….. how can you do that to your eyes/soul? (identity, well put in) no thanx


      1. There was a video my sis showed me of a girl who had tattoos all over..including eyes..
        It was shudder inducing to say the least..


      2. what the hell !!! nope eyes are far too much our Soul !!!!!! I have a colleague who is blind and can’t imagine what she’s missing …….


      3. I have a friend here who has dissosia


      4. Dissociative personality disorder and she is blind. Such a beautiful soul and so talented.
        Another fellow blogger here is partially blind and works for blind people. I am so impressed by both of them. I admire their talent and passion.

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