Month: Apr 2018

French Spring Blooming.

Spring actually lasted one week, until now, in the parisian region, and then straight back to winter. Happily, I had the smart idea to go outside, with my crap smartphone, and take some more pictures…  you had already the white beautiful pears. This time, I’ll share chestnut tree and amazing flowers, hawthorn, look at the […]


The Phoenix Rises!

Today, on my Facebook, a quote comes out from past year. It is a poem on “rising phoenix”, as following: The phoenix from the flame You will learn You will rise You’ll return Being what you are… There is no other Troy For you to burn My cousin was working on a poems book which […]


The 82nd Airborne is changing its policy for memorial services — and it may affect paratroopers who die by suicide

Soldiers who die by suicide may not receive full military honors in future 82nd Airborne Division memorial ceremonies, a spokesman confirmed to Army Times. Going forward, commanders in the 82nd Airborne can choose from two different kinds of ceremonies: The regular ceremony with the usual complement of military courtesies, and an alternate ceremony, created for […]