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**Update 2.0** In the time since PTSD Beautiful Trauma was born, in late 2018, “I” has finally become “We”. Growing a web-based community that connects people who are sharing a journey of recovery coping with PTSD en plein air and not in a private group, has been an amazing challenge. The synergy between inspired and awoken Warriors has produced an effect greater than a firenado. Today I am honored to present you our common goals for PTSD and Mental Health consisting of 5 actions:

  • Raise Self-Awareness and Self-Identity
  • Break the Stigma
  • Inspire to find your Spark
  • Spread Helpline Resources, Medical and Self-Help guides
  • Support Veterans Homecoming and Belonging

Sebastian Junger on "Tribal Society".



Here and Now is all we have

Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. It might issue from Catastrophic events, Terror Attacks, Shootings, Sexual Trauma and War Combat Stress. The notion of life attempt is relevant. The victims share raw feelings like death fear or helplessness in front of a bigger force.”

Symptoms may include flashbacks and nightmares, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event. Hypervigilance, seizures, panic attacks, anger outbursts and social anxiety to end up with alchool and/or drugs addictions, suicidal thoughts and attempts. Divorces and job career loss are the most frequent outcome together with identity loss (dissociation, memory issue and confusion of who you are), burnout and self-destructive thoughts.  

Our Mission is focused on promoting a Body/Mind Culture of integrative therapies like so-called spiritual practices and techniques:

  • Mindfulness, Guided Meditations, Yoga, Creativity, Self-discovery, Sound Waves, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Talk-Therapy, Junghian tools (mandala drawing and meditation, art-therapy, archetypal psychology and hero’s journey)

In order to match the Resilience Community needs our Recovery enthusiast Teamwork offers:

  • Support Group and Counseling, with “G.I. Jane” Sabrina, prepared US Navy Veteran Badass, open both to military and civilians
  • Poetry Workshops with British Combat Pilot Veteran, Karl, Poet-in-Residence for the Military Academy Performing Arts
  • Spiritual Retreats and Medically Supervised Ayahuasca Ceremonies at the Soul Quest, in Orlando, FL, USA, with elite support group for Veterans, led by Master Sgt. Lance, Special Operations Pararescuemen
  • Professional Guides, Self-Help Books and Podcasting
  • Free Scripts of Guided Meditations and Coloriage Anti-Stress
  • Creative Fundraising and Donations to no-profit

Coming Soon 2020 December
A breathtaking story, inspired from real events, that began in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris. The concept is a self-help manual with 5 keys to initiate you to self-growth and powerful transformation. An idea of Antonella The Rock Barberini, Italian author, pen name Diana White Thunder-Moon. Can breaking down be a wake up call?

Surrender your knife British campaign

In June 2015, in the wake of another mass shooting incident that left nine victims dead at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, debate about the issue of gun control flared up again in the U.S. In the midst of that debate, a number of social media users pointed to a November 2014 Counter Current News article purportedly describing an effort by British police to disarm the citizenry of dangerous “pointy knives”:”By carrying a knife you are putting yourself in much greater danger, and more likely to become involved in a violent situation and get injured yourself.”

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