PTSD breaks your sense of reality to make you see half through. it’s called enlighten psychiatry.

So, what about Second Chances?

My book about PTSD and my healing and fighting journey from Paris kamikaze attacks to My French lock down, from a foreigner point of view, is actually done in Italian language. Since Italian Publishers don’t know me, and perhaps I am still fresh and Naïve as writer, they are just ignoring me.

Now, I don’t have any choice than giving a try in English uh uh ! Will an International Public be more attracted to Mental Health topics on a proactive approach than my Cappuccino Companions?

Large part is dedicated to Native American Culture and my unconditional devotion goes to inspiring models among Combat Veterans beyond any borders.

If any publishers or freelance editors wish to make part of this change and start to transform society into a more Empathic place to live one with each other, I am DOWN.

You can contact me to or eventually texting via WhatsApp 0033 6 Keep well stay safe.

What am I doing here?

When I created PTSD Beautiful Trauma, in 2018, the first time, the website had the intention to share my personal journey with the rest of the world and inspire other Souls likewise: my recovery coping with PTSD and my fight, in a retraining program of a world company, against stigma. This time, after being confirmed in my position, 3 years after breaking down and 5 years in the aftermath of Paris attacks, I feel more focused and my actual purposes are 1. spreading and rising PTSD and Mental Health awareness in a creative and artistic way 2. showing my self and telling my story in order to guide you through the Butterfly stages and the Dark Night of the Soul 3. building a beautiful Resilience Community.

As Antonella Barberini, I am Author on Amazon (2018), speak 5 languages (Italian, French, English, German and Spanish), long career in Tourism, catalyst in special events/Festivals organisation to promote the Native American Culture with searchers and artists, mentoring local poets in high schools.

Born in Italy, in a dark moon, I moved to France in some cold and wet winter day. My first self-published memoir was my healing journey and now working on a self-help manual to give you more tools about Survivors’s toolkit with contribution from Italian artist Marzia Porcu.

In 2018, I attended a School for Sophrology, in Paris, where I learnt how to use my Voice to soothe your mind and spirit.

You can buy my Visualizations and support my Work here: A Walk in the French Woods and Sleep by The Sea in Hunstanton. Oh BTW, I have a Paypal Tipjar if you want to help me with buying vintage mugs for my private collection (joking, I don’t do that…;).

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

Well, it’s much more than that and it doesn’t define you a little inch of your body, mind and spirit!

if you don’t have a clue about who is Dan Nevins check out here.

if you want to help me in a different way, buy your books on the amazon here. i took time to select my books shelves.

Are you a passenger on a ghost ship or are you a pilot?

Falklands ghost ships. With Courtesy of Darren H.

Congratulations. You found a boat. In the middle of the ocean, of all places.

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